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Here's something to think about...

If you have one of the Hersheys bite sized ball things and you hav a really small mouth...are they really bite sized?

You can be in a coma, but can you be in more than one?

Is it to be or not to be...but is that really the question?

Idle hands are the devil's playound...then who's playground is it when they're not idle? Skeet Skeet

You can wake up on the wrong side of the bed, but what if you're sleeping on the couch or a floor?

I have a lot of time to do this really random somewhat deep thinking

Christians believe to not resort to violence, but instead, do what Jesus would have done and turn the other cheek. But what happens if you already turned the other cheek and they hit you again? Do you just turn to the first cheek again or can you now kick their ass?
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