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Whoa, dude, that's deep

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my pet!

Okay, so you've met Marquette, he's cool. I'm not, cause I put a duck in the bio, but anywho here's the rules:

1. No discriminating of anykind. This is a place to share beliefs and theories on
life, existance, and whatever make you ponder. You DO NOT tell someone they are wrong or put his or her beliefs down.

2. No soliciting of other communities. Do it somewhere else cause we arn't interested.

3. Have fun, but entries must be related to something of the subject. This isn't your journal to post random stuff.

4. You must post an entry as soon as you join but none of that, "hi, i'm new..." That's gay. Just post something deep and that shows you're worthy of deepnesshood. Yes I made up that word.

If you have any questions you can contact me at mcgriffin@comcast.net or my live journal account: appoptosis.