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The mormon religion is so half-assed!

This one time this summer my friend Brad Schonhoff started laughing randomly because something had come to his mind that was so utterly hilarious. Upon questioning his laughter, he decided to tell me the fundamentals of the mormon religion, and how it was started. And about 5 minutes later I was almost on the ground laughing because it seems like the stupidest religion I've ever heard of. First of all, I think pretty much the whole idea of religion is pretty funny. But anyway, he told me something about the 10 commandments being translated incorrectly, so the whole religion started because of a translation error. Imagine that. Imagine if say something like WWIII were started by a translation error. Imagine if George W. were at some banquet and was talking to the prime minister of Guam, and wanted to compliment him on his tie. And now imagine if the translator got bored and thought it'd be funny to distort his statement to something like, oh, let's say "You are an asshat". And pretty soon Guam would be bombing everyone and WWIII would last for a few years. That'd kinda be the same thing as how mormonism(?) started, except I think a lot of people would say religion is a bigger thing than war. So however many followers of the mormon religion there are out there would be practicing a religion that's totally bullshitted and just utterly moronic. Imagine how they'd react. I know how I'd react. That'd be with spurts of laughter. So Brad went on to tell me about how this "religion" came to be, and mentioned something about the guidelines of the religion or something having to be read through

little rocks with holes in them!!!

Yeah that's right, the only way you could read these scrolls would be through pebbles with holes in them so the light would shine through! I seriously believe that some medieval stoners on an LSD trip sat down one night and decided to make a religion. And thus came to be this excuse to have more than one wife. Everyone gets bored once in a while, right?
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